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School is complicated enough, but in colleges and universities today, it’s even worse because most students don’t know their classmates, and asking questions in class can be a pain - so students are stuck trying to keep up and figure everything out on their own. We wanted to do something about it - so we created tools to simplify the academic environment so that students can actually focus their efforts on learning Squire equips students with an online platform with tools to easily find and collaborate with peers, find tutors, and interact with course instructors. No student should ever have to face the challenges of school alone - with Squire, no student ever has to!

What drives us

Squire has a vision to make entire campuses around the world feel as connected as small classes.


This is the very point of our product - we want all students to easily make connections to help them succeed. Inclusion is in our DNA - and this is reflected in both our product and our workplace.


Every student has the potential to excel - but most students just don’t have the right tools to do so. We strive to make the right tools that can bring out the genius in every student.


If we keep doing the same things, we’ll keep getting the same results - that’s why we we aim to continually create novel methods and tools to get the exceptional results we want.

Meet the makers

Key members of the Squire team working to meet your needs

Alan Ngo
Lead Designer
Depinder Singh
Co-Founder & Business Developmet Lead
Peter Nsaka
Founder & Product development Lead
Ruvie Eto
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