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Whether you’re powering through a last minute assignment, freaking out over a midterm or just want to have a casual study sesh, Squire has your needs covered.

  • Virtual Study Tables

    Squire Tables

    Squire Tables are virtual study tables making it easy to work with classmates on assignments, exam prep, or anything else. With tables, you can find classmates who want to work on the same thing as you. Each table has a topic and you can join in if there’s a free seat - or just claim a new table, choose a topic, and simply wait for people to join!

    Squire Tables lets you know what everyone is working on at any time - meaning you can find the right people at the right time

  • Feedback & Questions

    Feedback & Questions

    “Let’s be real - course evaluations suck. You’re giving feedback when it’s probably too late for the prof to do anything about it, and answering a bunch of pre-made questions. With Squire, you can give your prof any feedback and questions (anonymously) throughout the semester - and profs can address questions and feedback - right away!

    With the ability to UP VOTE and DOWN VOTE, your instructor can easily know if many people have the same comment or question!”

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    “I’m glad there’s finally a place that I can get in touch with people in my class that I don’t know”
    Sharon A.
    Fourth Year Geology — University of Alberta
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    “I love that I can get on demand tutoring from the comfort of my home!”
    Rachel O.
    Fourth Year Economics — University of Alberta
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    “So convenient for group communications. Definitely better than emails.”
    Ngo A.
    Graphic Design Student — NAIT

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Squire is a flexible learning and collaboration platform created for today’s student. We spare you the hard work of finding study buddies, tutors, or answers. So now, students’ efforts actually lead to genuine understanding and better grades -- without the stress.

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